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I created a new repository in Github and recently, I have decided to rename it. could you help me how I can change the Repo name on the GitHub website instead of using the git commands?

how to change repository name in github website

I also want to know what will happen after renaming the GitHub repository? Will I lose all old links for this repository and become broken or will they be redirected?

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How to change repository name in GitHub?

To rename a repository on the GitHub site, you can easily do the following:

  1. Open your GitHub Account > Click on Repoistories.
    open GitHub repositories
  2. Click on the repository that you would like to rename.
  3. From the above menu, click on "Settings".
    GitHub repo settings
  4. In Repository name, provide the new name and make sure that you didn't use the same name before.
  5. Finally, Click the Rename button.
    rename repository name in GitHub website

The below demonstration would clearly help you to learn how to rename a repository in GitHub.

rename repo in github

Note: Github is now performing redirections, so the old repo links should be redirected to the new one.

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Thanks for this great show, I have another question how I can edit the folder name in GitHub, I checked this link but .. doesn't work for me! https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31861651/how-to-rename-a-directory-folder-on-github-website
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You are welcome @PPrabhu could you please ask your new question to another thread, please Mark the answer as accepted in case it helped you :)  Thanks!
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Done, Thank you.
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