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In SharePoint 2019, I have unexpected behavior with SharePoint Timer Service that keeps stopping after I start it. I tried to start as demonstrated at Restart SharePoint Timer Service, What's the best way? but SharePoint Timer Service stopped unexpectedly and not running!

sharepoint timer service stopped unexpectedly daily

Why SharePoint Timer Service keeps stopping, and its status is not Running after starting it? and How can I solve this problem?

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Solving SharePoint Timer Service keeps stopping

First, you should know that the SharePoint Timer Service must be run with the Farm Account.

Read more at SharePoint Service Account Best Practices 2019/2016.

Second, To solve this issue "SharePoint timer service stopped unexpectedly", you have to do the following:

  1. Make sure that the service account "Farm Account" Password is not expired.
  2. Try to provide the credential again in Services, then Restart SharePoint Timer Service.
  3. If the issue still exists, that means there is a new global policy has been applied to disallow the service account to logon as a service, and in this case, you have to ask the Infra team or the person who is responsible about the AD, and Policy to do that:


  • Login to the Server with the Administrator Account.
  • Run “secpol.msc“.
  • Local Security Policy for SharePoint
  • Go to “Security Settings” > “Local Policies” > “User Rights Assignments”.
    User Rights Assignment for SharePoint Accounts
  • From the right side, double-click on the required policy, Click on “Add User or Group” to allow accounts to log on as a service.
    log on as a service in SharePoint

    If the “add a user to the local security policy” was disabled, Please check Logon failure: The user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.

  • Run the below command to apply the policy.

         gpupdate /force

    Don't forget to ask the IT team to exclude all service accounts from this new policy and ensure all service accounts can login as a service.

SharePoint Timer Service stopping after restarting

If the issue is not related to the Policy and the service account password, and you still get SharePoint Timer Service keeps stopping, so try to investigate the issue by doing the following:

  1. Clear SharePoint Cache on all servers.
  2. Run SharePoint Configuration Wizard as mentioned at Patching SharePoint

Note: You have to try the above steps one by one, then check after each step if the SharePoint Timer Service is running or not, if it's not running procced to the next step.

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