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How can I check if the SharePoint Group is already exist or not using PowerShell in SharePoint 2019?

I got the specified name is already in use, and I need to check first if the group exist with the same name or not using PowerShell? How can I do that in SharePoint 2019?

check if group exist in SharePoint 2019 PowerShell

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Check if SharePoint Groups already exist using PowerShell

To check if SharePoint Groups already exist using PowerShell, you have to do the following:

  1. Open Windows PowerShell ISE as Administrator.
    Windows PowerShell ISE as Administrator
  2. Run the below script

     $spGroupName  = "Group Name"
     $spSiteURL = "Site URL"
     $spweb = Get-SPWeb -Identity $spSiteURL
     #Check if SharePoint Group already exists
         if ($spweb.SiteGroups[$spGroupName] -ne $null) 
              write-Host  "The $spGroupName is found at $spSiteURL"
              # do your code

Check also Get all Groups a user is a member of Using PowerShell

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