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Is it possible to show or hide a field in Microsoft Lists based on another field value in Edit and Display form in SharePoint Online, If yes, How can I show and hide Field in Microsoft Lists Forms conditionally in SharePoint Online?

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Show or Hide column based on condition in SharePoint Online list.

You can easily show or hide a field in Microsoft List Form based on the condition using Conditional Formula as the following:

  1. Open Your SharePoint List, Click on New.
  2. In the new form, click on Edit Form icon, then select Edit Columns.
    Edit columns in Microsoft Lists froms based on condition
  3. In the Edit column in this form , click on the three-dot, and select Edit Conditional Formula.
    Edit column conditional formula in SharePoint Online
  4. Provide the correct custom conditional formula as per your need, click Ok.
    Custom Formula in SharePoint list form

Conditional formula to show or hide columns example

  1. A formula starts with an equal sign (=) followed by the if function that returns either a true or a false result.
  2. The column is represented by specifying the internal name of the field surrounded by square brackets and preceded by a dollar sign: [$InternalName].

      =if([$InternalName] == '', 'true', 'false')

See Also, Show or hide columns in a list or library form.

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