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Is it possible to change the Card's visual background based on its value in Power BI?

I need to show if the card value is

  • Greater than 5 shows Orange,
  • Lower Than 2 shows Red,
  • Equal 3 shows Green.

 change car visual background based on its value in Power BI

How can I change Card Background based on Condition Power BI?

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Power BI Visual Background Based on Condition

Fortunately, the Power BI Card Visual has a background effect formula that can be set based on a specific condition on the card value as the following:

  1. Click on your Card to select it.
  2. From the Visualization pane, click on Format Visual > General > Effects > Set Background On.
    card Background effects in Power BI
  3. Click on the Fx button to add your conditional background settings.
  4. From the Format Style dropdown list, select Rules.
  5. Set Rules as you prefer based on the Card Label Value.
    visual background based on condition in Power BI
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Worked like charm!
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