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I'm going to export a SharePoint document list from one site to another, however my list is huge and has more than 500 items with attached files.

I tried to Save document library as template  from the list settings, as shown in the following image:

Save document library as template


But I receive the message "Something went wrong" and the operation has failed,

How To export SharePoint list?

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How to Export SharePoint List with the attachments in SharePoint 2019?

You have three options to export your list with an attachment

  1. Save a List as a Template with content
  2. Using Export-SPWeb PowerShell Script.
  3. Using a 3rd party tool like ShareGate.

1) Save List as a Template Limitations.

First of all, you should be aware that the default list template size is 52428800 (About 50 MB), and If you have tried to save a list as a template that includes contents that size exceeds 50 MB, you will get the below error

The list is too large to save as a template. The size of a template cannot exceed 52428800 bytes

Fortunately, you can increase the site template limit in SharePoint Server by using PowerShell as mentioned at Exceed Site/list Template Size limit in SharePoint Server But I don't recommend this option

Note: You can’t also increase the SITE template size limit in SharePoint Online, read more at The list is too large to save as a template SharePoint online

2) Export SharePoint List with the attachments in SharePoint 2019

You can use [Export-SPWeb][4] to export a subsite, list, or library as below

Export-SPWeb "Site URL" -Path "F:\ListName.cmp" -ItemURL "/Lists/{ListUrl}" -IncludeUserSecurity -IncludeVersions All 

and to import this back to another site, you have to use the below cmdlet

Import-SPWeb "Site URL" -Path "F:\ListName.cmp" -ItemURL "/Lists/{ListUrl}" -force -IncludeUserSecurity -UpdateVersions Overwrite
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