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I created a new sharepoint Web Application, and a new site collection underneath it, and both were successfully created and I received "Top-Level Site Successfully Created".

However, when accessing the new site, I receive a "HTTP 404 Not Found" error.

I checked the following in IIS:

  • Web Application has been created and shown in IIS
  • Restart the  Application Pool while it is already running.

But still the same error "The webpage cannot be found".

HTTP 404 Not Found

How can I solve HTTP 404 NOT found in SharePoint 2019?

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How to solve HTTP 404 site Not Found error in SharePoint 2019?

You must to troubleshooting for issues like this, and below is troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check the connection to the Database.
  2. Check the application pool and enter the username and password in Advanced Settings > Identity, after that restart it.
  3. Restart the IIS first on Web Application if it's not working on the entire IIS, in CMD iisreset
  4. Check if the created Web application exists. In CA --> Manage web application.
  5. Check the Site Collection if it exists. In CA --> Application Management --> View all site collections --> choose your web application.

HTTP 404 Not Found SharePoint 2019

In my case, for some reason, the site collection is not created, so I create a new one, and it's working fine with me. As shown in the below image:

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