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 In Power Automate, I need to use the SharePoint column value in the Expression formula so I tried to use the below formula to use the SharePoint list field in Expression but it's not working.

concat(items('Apply_to_each')?['Field Name'],items('Apply_to_each')?['Field Name'])

I also tried to use Compse to get column value from the SharePoint list in the compose expression below with no vail.

concat(item()?['Field Name'],item()?['Field Name'])

Get Column Value in Expression in Power Automate

How can I add a field name in an expression in Power Automate?

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How to Get Column Value in Compose Expression in Power Automate?

The solution for using the SharePoint List Column Value in an Expression in Power Automate as the following:

  1. Click on the "Expression" tab, type first your function concat,
  2. then Switch back to "Dynamic Content" to select your fields name as below:
    add a field name in an expression in Power Automate

The final syntax to get column value in Power Automate Expression should look like

concat(triggerBody()?['Field Internal Name'],' ',triggerBody()?['Field Internal Name'])

Note that in the above formula, you have to use the Internal Field Name, not the Field Display Name.
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Got it thank you
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