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I am getting "this user account has expired. for assistance, contact your system administrator" when I tried to to connect remotely to server using remote desktop connection.

the User account has expired

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This user account has expired. for assistance, contact your system administrator

This issue usually occurs if this user is not set to "Password never expired" in Active Directory.

If it's a test environment, login to the Active Directory server using the Administrator account and try to do the following:


  • Search for Active Directory Users and Computer.

    Active Directory Users and Computer

  • Search for the expired password user.
  • Double click to edit its properties.
  • Click on the "Account" Tab.
  • Make sure that the Password never expired is checked.

    Password never expired-min

  • Try now to connect, it should be working properly now.

Note: for some security policies, the system admin may need to uncheck Password never expired, in this case, you must reset the user password but if it's a SharePoint Service Account, so it should never be changed outside the SharePoint farm and should be changed from **SharePoint Managed Accounts
For more details, Please check
SharePoint 2019: Service Accounts Recommendations**

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