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SharePoint is the world’s largest and most popular cloud content management platform, allowing companies to store and organize any type of content and information. This includes documents, Images, videos, news, links, data lists, web pages, and tasks.

Hosting managed content in SharePoint allows you to build applications that go beyond Microsoft 365 with fully managed and controlled content inside your company.

SharePoint Premium is the newly enhanced version of content management platform. SharePoint Premium brings AI, automation, and added security to your content experiences, processing, governance.

What is SharePoint Premium features?

SharePoint premium features are divided into 3 parts:

  1. Content Experiences

    • The possibility to add ink, comments, mentions, tasks and more to any file type.
    • New Business documents app in teams that enables you to work with contracts, orders, invoices and more.
    • building new contracts using word templates and comparing a contract with related contract using AI-driven rules deviation engine to highlight changes that may require attention or raise risks.
    • New AI-driven clause analyzer will automatically analyze and extract high-risk contracts, as well as risks identified.
    • New Document Portal allows you set up an external site easily that matches your organization’s look and integrates with consumer or organizational identities, facilitating secure collaboration on selected documents.
  2. Content Processing

    • New SharePoint eSignature that you can securely digitizes your documents approval workflows.
    • Files and stream videos translation service to among dozens of supported languages.
    • ​​​​​​​New AI powered video cleanup that automatically removes pauses and fillers in recordings.
    • Autofill columns allows you to add new column to a document and use AI to automatically fill in discovered values.
    • Flag files as PII (Personal Identifiable Information) that includes address, phone numbers and more.
    • Multilabel classifier that runs an AI model to automatically set content type to choose the right model for data extraction and analysis.
    • Redaction sensitive information.
    • Availability of Microsoft Graph APIs in SharePoint Premium that allows integrate document processing, content assembly and related services to your own custom apps.
  3. Content Governance

    • ​​​​​​​Data Access Governance (DAG) reports provide a top-level view of potentially overshared sites filtered by sharing policy, Teams-connected sites, and more.
    • IT will be able to trigger site access reviews with content owner for potentially at-risk content.
    • New Restricted Access Control policy specifying the security groups that should be allowed access.
    • AI-driven policy recommendation.
    • Content Event Insights allows to find interesting moments in the content lifecycle such as high-volume sharing or large download volumes.
    • Copilot in the SharePoint admin center to find sites with issues like oversharing, missing classifications, or inactivity.

For more information see: Introducing SharePoint Premium – the future of AI powered content management and experiences

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