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I am currently in the process of learning OutSystems, and I would like to install the platform to work on OutSystems applications.

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OutSystems is the most powerful low-code platform on the planet. It is fully built from the ground up for high performance .

And before we getting started to install the Service Studio, let' first define What's the Service Studio?

What's the Service Studio in Outsystem?

Service Studio is a visual development environment used for building web and mobile applications on the OutSystems platform.

How to install OutSystems Service Studio?

To install OutSystems Service Studio, you should follow the below steps in details:

  1. Visit the official OutSystems website to download the Service Studio.
  2. Click the button below to initiate the download.
    Download Service Studio
  3. Click the install button below to initiate the setup process.
    Install Service Studio
  4. Register on the portal to establish your infrastructure at https://www.outsystems.com/
    Register to outsystem portal
  5. After completing the installation and registering on the portal, choose your desired environment.
    Outsystem Registeration
  6. Access your account to begin creating your first application
    Access to service studio
  7. Let's begin on OutSystems

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