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The user account information differs between Active directory and SharePoint. Where the user display name has been updated on AD, however it has not been updated in SharePoint.  

How to update user infrormation from AD to SharePoint?

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Solving: How to update user information from AD to SharePoint?

There are several ways to configures the properties of an existing user, which I will walk you through. You only need the account's identity and the site URL to run the scripts in the SharePoint management shell.

Sync user properties from Active Directory to SharePoint site collection

Sometimes user properties are updated in AD but not synchronized in SharePoint. This PowerShell script will sync the user account information from AD:

Set-SPUser -Identity "i:0#.w|DomainName\UserName" -web https://sp-site -SyncFromAD

Sync all users properties from Active Directory to SharePoint

Get-SPUser –web https://web-url | Set-SPUser –SyncFromAD -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

Update display name of a user in a site collection

This PowerShell script updates the given user’s display name for a particular site.

Set-SPUser -Identity "i:0#.w|DomainName\UserName " -DisplayName "NewDisplayName" -Web https://sp-site

To learn more see : Set-SPUser

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