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Today, we are gonna list most of the available Free PMP exams, test practices online.

Top Free PMP Exams and Test Practices

Please, If you know any helpful free PMP test practice resources, Please, don't hesitate to add it in comments. 

Top Free PMP Exams and Test Practices

Top 11 Free PMP Exams and Test Practices Lists


OpenPM is a new platform for PMP Preparation that offers valuable free content for PMP.

PMP Test Bank

PMP Test Practice site categorized by Process Group, Knowledge Area.

PM Precast

PM Precast provides about 120 free questions.

PMP Test Practices

PMP Test Practices provides about 4 Practices, each practice has 50 Questions.

Exam Self-Assessment Test

Exam Self-Assessment Test provides about 100 free questions.

Prepare PMP

Prepare PMP provides about 75 free questions.

Exam Simulator

The Free PMP Exam Simulator offers 3 exams / 60 questions.


SimpliLearn offers about 200 free questions.


Oliver offers about 200 free questions.


Edwel offers about 75 free questions.


Fabmarks offers Free and Premium exams.


PMPbyPM offers a list of free and paid exam.

PMP Arabic Exam Simulator

PMP Arabic Exam Simulator offers 50 questions for free and 1000 for paid accounts.

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Many thanks
i prepare the exam this is very useful
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Great list, thank you

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