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In EPM 2016, the usual behavior is to retain the filtered view / adjusted column width or any other view modification in Project Center View.

The current situation is: this is not happening

After a page refresh, everything is reset to default!

how can this be fixed?

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Keep Project Center View Customization After Page Refresh

Actually, it's a known Browser Compatability issue!
If you are using Google Chrome, you will not be able to keep Project Center View customization after page refresh as shown below!

Losing Project Center View customization after page refresh in Google Chrome

Note: Google Chrome is not fully compatible with Project Server.

Customize Project Center View

To be able to customize Project Center View and keep your customization, you should use Internet Explorer instead of Chrome, Edge ..etc!

Keep Project Center View customization after page refresh in Google Chrome

Keep in mind

  • Once you customize your current project center view using the Internet Explorer, you will be able to find your customization in other browsers.
  • Any new customization should be done using Internet Explorer to be Kept!
  • If it's permanent customization, it would be recommended to customize your view in Manage Views in PWA Settings.
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thank you, but I have two similar application (one is staging and the other is production), staging doesn't have this problem with chrome but production does.
Is this relying on some service that is not running properly ?
If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO!