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Hello, my name is Roger Carias, I am from Venezuela and I would like to become a MVP to help to the community in my country. Could you help me to become a MVP. Please?

Thank you for your help!

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Sure, It's my pleasure to help. but to be honest, becoming a Microsoft MVP is mainly depend on you.
We just here to guide you in the right direction to become a Microsoft MVP.

Therefore, it would be great to check first the following:

Watch The Road to Microsoft MVP Award Workshop

It's strongly recommended to watch our mentoring workshop session at The Road to Microsoft MVP Award to get a detail explanation about

  • What's the Microsoft MVP Award?
  • The History of the Microsoft MVP Award.
  • Microsoft MVPs detail insights.
  • The list of Microsoft Microsoft MVP Award Benefits.
  • Microsoft Certificate Vs Microsoft MVP Award.
  • Microsoft MVP Award Process.
  • The list of Microsoft MVP Activities.
  • Answering the frequently asked questions about Microsoft MVP Award.
  • How to become a Microsoft MVP with a real example.
  • General advice to become a Microsoft MVP.

In this workshop, we have also mentored two awesome community contributors to become Microsoft MVP by

  • Providing a review of their current contribution status.
  • Getting guidelines to improve their contributions to make an impact on the community.

So it would be great to find our review notes and the provided advice to them.

Register to the Coming MVP Workshops

We plan to conduct a workshop periodically to mentor, review, and guide the community contributors to become Microsoft MVPs.
So, It would be great to follow Cloud DevOps Visions and register to the next MVP mentorship workshop to get a chance to

  • Ask any related question about How to become Microsoft MVP.
  • Show your current community contributions.
  • Get a review from 3 industrial MVPs for your current contributions.

Good Luck ♥

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