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Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional is an award was given by Microsoft to technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community.

Microsoft says “We want to award the best technical community leaders. And It’s our way of saying "Thanks!" to them.

Around the globe, there are only around 2852 MVPs distributed over around 90 countries and divided into 11 categories and over around 95 technology areas, and for each area and each county, you can count the MVPs on a single hand!

So if you would like to become a Microsoft MVP and you don’t know the right direction to do that and you need to get a mentor to help, guide, and give you a hand for how to become a Microsoft MVP. you should watch our mentoring workshop about "The Road to Microsoft MVP Award!"

The Road to Microsoft MVP Award

"The Road to Microsoft MVP Award" Mentoring Workshop

"The Road to Microsoft MVP Award" Mentoring WorkshopIn this mentoring workshop, we have explored

  • What's the Microsoft MVP Award?
  • The History of the Microsoft MVP Award.
  • Microsoft MVPs detail insights.
  • The list of Microsoft Microsoft MVP Award Benefits.
  • Microsoft Certificate Vs Microsoft MVP Award.
  • The list of Microsoft MVP Activities.
  • Answering the frequently asked questions about Microsoft MVP Award.
  • How to become a Microsoft MVP with a real example.
  • General advice to become a Microsoft MVP.
  • Mentoring two awesome community contributors to become Microsoft MVP by 
    • Providing a review of their current contribution status.
    • Getting guidelines to improve their contributions to make an impact on the community.

"The Road to Microsoft MVP Award" Mentoring Workshop

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