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I have a legacy solution for EPM, that was developed using VS 2015. in which there is a service reference for project server web service (_api/projectdata)

unfortunately, current environment doesn't support vs 2015. But using VS 2019, I can't update the service reference or re-add it

any workaround to solve this problem
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why you can't add the same web service in VS 2019? did you migrate your solution from VS 2015 to VS 2019?

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You will need first to migrate your project from Visual Studio 2015 to Visual studio 2019 , check the details here Project migration and upgrade reference for Visual Studio

BTW, SharePoint 2016 and 2013 solutions are supported for migration but you will need to install office tools workload. Otherwise, I don't see any issue to add the web service reference in VS 2019.

web service reference in VS 2019

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