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In SQL Server 2017, I am trying to restore Transaction log from SQL Server Management Studio, but it was disabled!

I followed theses steps

  • Open SSMS, connect the SQL instance.
  • Right click on my database name,
  • Select Tasks > Restore

I noticed that the Transaction log is disabled and grayed out!

Restore Transaction Log is disabled in SQL server 2017

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Restore Transaction Log is disabled

Before restoring a transaction log backup, you should be first aware of the following:

Why Transaction Log is grayed out?

If the transaction log is disabled or grayed out, so you may need to perform first restore from a full or differential backup.

If you have already performed restore from a full backup and the Transaction Log option still grayed out that means you have performed restore with RECOVERY.

How to solve Transaction Log is grayed out in SSMS?

So to can restore a transaction log backup, you should first perform restore from a full or differential database backup with NO RECOVERY in the restore dialog as shown below.

Restore Database with no recovery

Once the restore is done, you will be able now to restore a transaction log backup.

Enable Transaction log option during restore

Read the details at Create Transaction LOG BACKUP Maintenance Plan in SQL Server

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