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These are video series introduced by Scott Hanselman who is a Partner Program Manager at Microsoft to help you to fill in the gaps on all those little things that you should have learned in school but no one really sat down and took the time to talk about.

Right now, the series consists of 22 videos that would help you to understand:

  1. LearnWhat's a Carriage and Who's Feeding it Lines?
  2. Code Pages, Character Encoding, Unicode, UTF-8, and the BOM
  3. Basic Text Editing and Hotkeys in VS Code
  4. Git 101 Basics
  5. Git Pull Requests explained
  6. Git Rebase vs Merge explained
  7. Git Push - Force will destroy the timeline
  8. Containers? So What? Docker 101 Explained
  9. Ports and Processes! What Process has that Port open?
  10. What is the Cloud? Soft and Fluffy Edition
  11. Kubernetes and Container Orchestration 101
  12. Stack/Heap Allocation, Frames, Call Stacks, Recursion
  13. How do you use the Command line? PowerShell, cmd, bash?
  14. Installing a Server Rack in my Home Office and adding a Ubiquiti Dream Machine/Switches for Dual WAN
  15. The Cloud and Cloud Architecture Explained
  16. Overwhelmed with Programming? Here's small things to help
  17. Effective Remote Teaching with intention and creativity
  18. Basic Home Networking 101
  19. What happens when you type a URL in the web browser and press Enter?
  20. WSL2, Visual Studio Code, Windows 10, Ubuntu/Linux + more
  21. Azure Static Web Apps, Website, GitHub, SSL & hosting FREE!
  22. Mentorship vs. Sponsorship + Storytelling

To explore the course playlist, Please click on the Playlist button  on the Video.

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