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In Microsoft Stream, Is it possible to share a video to public anonymous or external users? Also, Is it possible to save Microsoft Teams recording videos to Onedrive or SharePoint instead of saving these recordings to Microsoft Streams?

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Public anonymous external video sharing in Microsoft Stream

Actually, in Microsoft 365 roadmap there was a feature to allow individual videos in Microsoft Stream to be marked for external public access allowing people to view the videos without a login. Stream admins will be able to control if this feature is enabled and who within the organization can make videos publicly available.

Unfrothantly, This feature was planned to be launched in Q4 CY2019 but it's canceled on 22/09/2020.

1. Users who would like to use Microsoft Stream to upload and share videos should have Microsoft 365 or Steam license.
2. Users don't need a Microsoft Stream license assigned if they only record and download recordings. In this case, recordings aren't stored in Microsoft Stream. Instead, the recordings are stored in Azure Media Services (AMS) with a 21-day limit before a recording is deleted.

Workaround to share Microsoft Stream video for external

  • Download the video from Microsoft Stream
  • Upload it to SharePoint Online/ One drive.
  • Share the uploaded video with anyone who has the link.

sharing link for anyone Microsoft stream

How to Save Microsoft Teams meetings recording to SharePoint or Onedrive instead of Microsoft Stream?

Currently, there is no setting to do that, and you should do it manually. However, there's a new feature update that should be rolled out in November CY2020. this feature will let you be able to save Microsoft Teams meetings recording video to SharePoint or Onedrive instead of Microsoft Stream to facilitate and improve the sharing experience.

Microsoft Teams meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint

Follow up the updates for this feature at Microsoft 365 Roadmap


Rolling out on January 7, 2021: All new Teams meeting recordings will be saved to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint unless you delay this change by modifying your organization’s Teams Meeting policies and explicitly setting them to Stream. Seeing the policy reporting as Stream isn't enough. You need to explicitly set the policy value to Stream. read more at Use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint or Stream for meeting recordings

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