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data structure is a specialized format for organizing, processing, retrieving and storing data. 

While there are several basic and advanced structure types, any data structure is designed to arrange data to suit a specific purpose so that it can be accessed and worked in appropriate ways.

In this video series,  you will learn "Data Structure"  in Arabic by Dr.Waleed Youesf

Course Sessions

  1. Introduction to Data Structures.
  2. Concepts: Encapsulation and ADT.
  3. Stacks: Array-based implementation I.
  4. Stacks: Array-based implementation II.
  5. Stacks: Array-based implementation III
  6. Stacks: Linked-based implementation I
  7. Stacks: Linked-based implementation II
  8. Stacks applications: Recursion
  9. Stacks applications: Polish Notation
  10. Queues: Array-based implementation
  11. Queues: Linked-based implementation
  12. Abstraction & Implementation-Related Issues
  13. Lists: Array-based implementation
  14. Lists: Linked-based implementation
  15. Search and Analysis of Algorithms
  16. Analysis of Binary Search Algorithm I
  17. Analysis of Binary Search Algorithm II
  18. Trees
  19. Binary Search Trees I
  20. Binary Search Trees II
  21. Introduction to Graphs
  22. Appendix A: Analysis of Algorithms I
  23. Appendix A: Analysis of Algorithms II
  24. Appendix A: Analysis of Algorithms III

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