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At Microsoft Ignite 2021, Microsoft announced the Power BI Premium Per-User will become generally available on April 2, 2021, at a price of $20 per user, per month.

What's Power BI Premium Per-User?

Power BI Premium per user is a new way to license premium features on a per-user basis. It will include all of the Pro license capabilities, along with features like paginated reports, AI, and other capabilities only available in Premium today.

  • It provides all the capabilities of Power BI Pro.
  • For customers who already have a Power BI Pro license either purchased standalone or through E5, the price will be just an additional $10 per user, per month.
  • Power BI Premium Per User is based on the new Power BI Premium Gen2 architecture which provides improved performance and lower TCO.
  • Premium Gen 2 delivers enhancements for every Power BI Premium customer, including
    • Flexibility to license per user or per capacity;
    • Faster processing—up to 16x performance boost with Microsoft managed architecture;
    • Autoscale to automatically add capacity when needed; and
    • Consistent and reliable cost management with utilization metrics.


Read more at Announcing Power BI Premium Per User general availability and autoscale preview for Gen2

Power BI Premium Feature Comparison

Below is a breakdown of the Premium features available with Premium per user vs. a Premium Capacity.

Power BI Premium Feature Comparison

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