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Microsoft Ignite 2020 – Power BI Announcements and Updates

During this video, we will talk about some important announcements discussed during Microsoft Ignite 2020 for Power BI.

I’m going to explain 12 important updates for Power BI from Ignite 2020. So, stay tuned throughout the videos for all important updates. During Ignite 2020, some features are rolled out as a Preview of September 2020. Let’s explore everything together!

Power Bi Updates

We are going to discuss the following topics in detail:

  1. Smart Narrative Visual Update
  2. Anomaly detection 
  3. Power BI for HoloLens 2
  4. Power BI App in MS Teams
  5. Dataset discovery in Microsoft Teams
  6. Excel Certified Datasets and Data types
  7. Premium Gen2 and Premium Per User Plan
  8. Power BI Performance Accelerator for Azure Synapse Analytics
  9. Visual Data Preparation
  10. Deployment Pipelines
  11. Data source impact analysis
  12. MIP Sensitivity labels 

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