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At Microsoft Ignite 2021, Microsoft announced a new member to Power Platform Family that is Microsoft Power Fx.

What's Microsoft Power Fx?

Microsoft Power Fx is an open-source low-code language that will be used across the Microsoft Power Platform.

Power Fx_ the Programming Language for Low Code and what it means for Developers

Microsoft Power Fx Features

  • It is a general-purpose, strong typed, declarative, and functional programming language.
  • It is used for both declarative and imperative logic
  • It is based on Microsoft Excel.
  • It binds objects together with declarative spreadsheet-like formulas that recalculate automatically just like a spreadsheet does.
  • It is expressed in a human-friendly text.
  • It is a low-code language that makers can work with directly in an Excel-like formula bar or Visual Studio Code text window.
  • It can be stored in YAML source files that are easy to edit using Visual Studio Code.
  • It is currently integrated into canvas apps where you can experience it today.

What's Microsoft Power Fx

Microsoft is in the process of extracting Microsoft Power Fx from Power Apps and uses it in other Power Platform products like 

  • Microsoft Power Automate.
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents . (End of  2021)
  • Model-drieven Apps in Power Apps. (June 2021)
  • AI Bulder. (End of  2021)
  • DataVerse.

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Power Fx Source 

Microsoft Power Fx is an open-source language, so it's opened for contributions by the community at the below GitHub link

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