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Microsoft Power Virtual AgentsMicrosoft Power Virtual Agents is a no-code graphical interface that creates chatbots without the need for data scientists or developers.

  • Power virtual agents enable you to use AI-based automation to assist your customers and employees.
  • Power virtual agents connect to your back-end systems using hundreds of connectors that come with Power Platform.
  • In Power Virtual Agents, you can create chatbots using a simple, graphical interface.
  • You can also extract starter topics from FAQ’s websites, etc.
  • Moreover, you can deploy a chatbot to a website, any Azure Bot Framework channel, or integrate it within a Power App, and Extend your chatbot with Microsoft Azure Bot Framework Skills for complex scenarios.

Announcing New AI features for Power Virtual Agents

At Microsoft Ignite 2021, Microsoft announced new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within Power Virtual Agents have been released in preview to enable subject-matter experts to build smarter chatbots.

These new AI-infused features enable chatbots to engage more naturally and more accurately and are designed to help organizations and citizen developers feel more confident about addressing customer and employee needs with chatbots at scale.

New AI features for Power Virtual Agents

Below are the new AI capabilities in the public preview:

Topic overlap detection

It helps improve triggering accuracy by finding overlaps between topics, reducing the need for the bot to ask clarifying questions before triggering a topic.

Topic suggestions from chat transcripts

It analyzes chat transcripts from previous conversations and provides suggestions for new topics.

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