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During this series, we will build Power Virtual Agents chatbots in Microsoft Teams. As a part of Project Oakdale now we can build a Powerful chatbot within the Teams itself. We do not need any additional licensing to build the Power Virtual Agents Chatbot in Teams. This is cool and awesome. Now, anyone can build Power Virtual Agents Chat Bots within the Teams without losing Teams context. Everything will be in Teams without any additional licensing! 

During this entire session, first, we will see how we can ad Power Virtual Agents App within the Teams. Once the App is added, we will develop Power Virtual Agents Chatbot within the Teams and connect Power Automate flow as well. Once we prepare the chatbot, we will publish the App in Teams also, we will check the steps to publish the chatbot for the entire organization.

Here, we are building Low code chatbots in Microsoft Teams free with Power Virtual Agents without any additional licensing! Isn’t that amazing!


Check full series:

Part 1: Project Oakdale - Build Power Virtual Agents Chatbots in Microsoft Teams

Part 2: Project Oakdale - Share your Power Virtual Agents Chatbot throughout the Organization and Teams

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