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As a Team admin, Can I manage call answering rules for other users from the Microsoft Team admin center or even using PowerShell instead of the user settings in Microsoft Team desktop!

What if the user can't be reached by any means for critical circumstances and we need to set the call forward to another user! in such cases, how we can change the call forwarding settings!

Manage Call answering rules in Microsoft Teams Admin Center

For instance, we have somebody calling in sick without a way to manage their call settings to forward calls to a colleague.

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Unfortunately, till this moment, there is no option to manage Call Answering Rules in Microsoft Teams Admin Center or using PowerShell, and the users must set the call forwarding setting from their side in Microsoft Teams Desktop/Web App as I mentioned at How to manage Call Forwarding Settings in Microsoft Teams.

I also strongly agree that you should be able to manage Call Answering Rules for other users at the user settings in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center to can overcome such situations that you have mentioned. Meanwhile, the organization should educate and train its users to do such settings when someone takes a vacation or can't reply for any reason!

In Microsoft Teams User Voice, there are already two requests opened about the "Call Answering Rules" feature to be managed from Microsoft Teams Admin Center or PowerShell, you can upvote for both at Central admin of all call answering rules and Teams Powershell Module - Configure end-users telephony/voice configuration

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