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Today, we're gonna introduce a great video series that would help you get started with Azure SQL, so if you’re a database administrator, data architect, this series for you!

What's Azure SQL?

What's Azure SQL?Azure SQL is a family of SQL cloud databases that offers flexible options for application migration, modernization, and development.

  • It's a collection of fully managed, secure, and intelligent SQL database services that support a variety of application patterns and control requirements.
  • It allows DBAs to use their existing database skills and reduce operational overhead with advanced capabilities like Hyperscale storage, serverless compute, and built-in high availability.

Benefits of Azure SQL

  1. Fully managed and always up to date.
  2. Use your existing SQL experience in the cloud.
  3. Save with the lowest total cost of ownership.
  4. Protect your data with built-in intelligent security.

Azure SQL database services

Below are the four services for Azure SQL:

1) SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Migrate your SQL workloads to Azure with ease while maintaining complete SQL Server compatibility and operating system-level access. Learn more

2) Azure SQL Managed Instance

Modernize your existing SQL Server applications at scale with an intelligent, fully managed service. Learn more

3) Azure SQL Database

Support modern cloud applications on an intelligent fully managed service that includes serverless compute. Learn more

4) Azure SQL Edge

Extend your applications to IoT edge gateways and devices for real-time insights in connected, disconnected, or hybrid environments. Learn more

Azure SQL price-performance

Azure is 3.6 times faster and up to 86 percent less expensive than AWS for SQL workloads.

SQL Server on azure VMAzure SQL Database compared to AWS

Azure SQL Pricing

Below, you can find how you can calculate Azure SQL Pricing based on each Azure SQL service.

Start Learning Azure SQL for Beginners Course

This Azure SQL series divided into 6 modules and 61 topics as the following:

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Azure SQL (11 videos).
  2. Module 2: Deploy and Configure (8 videos).
  3. Module 3: Security (12 videos).
  4. Module 4: Performance (10 videos).
  5. Module 5: Availability (11 videos).
  6. Module 6: Putting It All Together (4 videos).

You can click on the Playlist button  to explore the course playlist!

Continue Learning 

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