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What is GitLens? 

GitLens is a tool used for supercharging your Git workflow inside of Visual Studio Code,

  • It helps you better understand code and when a line or code block was changed.
  • Getlens can easily tell you who change the code and when and why the code evolves.

Features of Gitlens:

When will use this tool in your project will notice the native Git integration that provides visibility and control over a local repository. While this integration is fairly solid on its own, the addition of Git Lens, an extension available in the marketplace, really enhances the user experience, And it helps with seeing commit comparisons, and easily find the rationale behind a particular line or grouping of code.

There are also many features in Gitlens as the following:

  • Easily navigate backward and forward in a file.

  • Add annotation at the end of the line showing the commit and author and when you hover the line will see more details 

  • Status bar: showing the commit and author who last modified the current line

How To install GitLens?

  • Open visual studio code click on the Extension pane and search for GitLens and click install

Or you can install from this link install Gitlens

  • After the installation complete, go to Explorer in VS code and open the file


  • When open the file will see new information that does not exist before like
    • last person that commits this file 

  • Also, you can see more detail about commit just hover the description 


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