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In Understanding AI Maturity and organizations, you will learn

  1. What is artificial intelligence?
  2. What are the ethics of AI? 
  3. What is digital transformation?
  4. What is AI maturity and why is it important?
  5. The AI maturity model.
  6. Human-AI interaction.
  7. What is a digital experience? 
  8. Owning AI.

What's Digital Transformation? 

Book Info

  • Book Name: Understanding AI Maturity and organizations.
  • Book description: Assess your organization's readiness for AI.
  • Book URL: Understanding AI Maturity and organizations.
  • Authors:
    • Eric Charran – Chief Architect Data & AI.
    • Steve Sweetman – Director of AI Programs.
  • Category: AI.
  • Pages: 37. 

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