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I want to fill Compobox in Power Apps with a distinct value from the Sharepoint list, I used the formula syntax Distinct( Table, Formula ), in the Formula I write the field name but it didn't show anything in the Combobox.

Any help how can I fill Combobox with district values in PowerApps?

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You can solve your issue in two ways

  • You can use this formula Distinct( Table, Formula ).Result

     Distinct(Office,'OfficeCountry: Country/Region').Result

owerApps combobox distinct values

The office is my Sharepoint List and 'OfficeCountry: Country/Region' is the field that I want to display in the Compo

  • Or you can use this formula if you don't want to use the Result

       Distinct(Office.'OfficeCountry: Country/Region','OfficeCountry: Country/Region')

    owerApps dropdown list distinct values

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