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In PowerApps, how can I obtain the first day of the month? For instance, if the given date is 27/12/2023, I want to retrieve the day of the week corresponding to the first day of that month (which would be Friday).

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How to return the first day of the month in PowerApps?

You can easily return the first day of the month in PowerApps with two methods as below:

  1. Using the PowerApps Date function
    You can use the date function to retrieve the first-day name of the given date

    Text(Date(Year(Now()),  Month(Now()), 1),"ddd", "en")
  1. using the PowerApps DateAdd function

    Text(DateAdd(Today(), -Day(Today()) + 1), "ddd", "en")

For more details, Please check PowerApps Weekday Name- First Day Of Month-Last Day On A Month

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