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Catch up on all of the news and announcements from the SharePoint Virtual Summit 2019.

SharePoint Virtual Summit 2019 new announcements

SharePoint Online

  • A mega menu has been introduced in the top navbar.
  • Search enhancement to find words in videos by searching in the transcript.
  • Bing integrated search.
  • Apps can be developed with an endpoint for Microsoft Search in Microsoft Graph API.
  • Introduces Respoisve SharePoint Home Sites that build on top of communication sites.
  • One-touch home button to access the site home in your SharePoint Mobile APP.
  • Customizable navbar.
  • Co-Authoritng translation enhancements.
  • SharePoint file storage enhancements.
    • More than 320 files extension recognized.
    • Fast Index.
    • Fast Performance.
    • Fast Download.
  • Changing the Site URL and handling the old links redirect automatically.
  • Setting external sharing policy for single or multiple sites at the same time via the Admin Center.
  • Introduces a Modern experience for the Admin Center with most of the classic features.
  • Auto-Expire Sharing configuration.
  • Create a list from an excel sheet with new features to specify the data types of excluding specific columns
  • Create a list from a template without content and preserving the format and columns and views.


  • Supports the "Quick edit" feature in Lists.
  • Supports SharePoint List in the tab.
  • Full-screen option for list and library.


  • Instead of sending emails to request uploading files manually, OneDrive provides now a new feature to "Request a File".

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