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I have .msapp file for a PowerApps app and need to use it and edit this app, can you help me to know How to use .msapp files in PowerApps? 

Thanks in advance

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What is PowerApps msapp file?

The .msapp file contains the definition of an app, it's a great way to share Power Apps files.

You can watch the below video for more details about the .msapp files in Power Apps.

How to Import .msapp files in PowerApps?

  1. Create a new App.
  2. From the file menu, click Open and then choose "browse" to upload the .msapp file.
    How to Import .msapp files in PowerApps
  3. Once you upload the .msapp file, It will prepare your new Power Apps app that is generated from the msapp file, so you can edit and use it.

For more details about How to generate PowerApps msapp file?, How to upload and use .msapp files in PowerApps? Please check my detailed article at Generate and Import powerapps msapp file

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