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I can't find the language Settings in Microsoft Forms, I just can see the Theme settings and the response settings! but there are no settings for language! 

Language Settings in Microsoft Forms

I am trying to create an event survey in Arabic using Microsoft Forms but when I click on the preview button the questions are still shown from left to right!!

How to Show questions from left to right in Microsoft Forms

How can I change language settings in Microsoft Forms? and How I can show the questions in Microsoft Forms from left to right?

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Where can I find the Language Settings in Microsoft Forms?

  • In Microsoft Forms, If you are using your personal Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail...etc), you will note that there are no settings to manage languages (MultiLingual)!
    missing multilingual settings in Microsoft Forms

  • In this case, If you would like to translate Form content created by Microsoft Forms to another language you have to use the browser's translator!
    browser's translator in Edge

  • However, if you are using Microsoft Forms as a part of the Microsoft 365 paid plan, you will note that there is an option to manage Multilingual settings as shown below:
    Missing multilingual settings in Microsoft forms

  • In Microsoft Forms Multilingual settings, you can set the Primary language as you prefer, then you can add additional languages (Max 11 Languages) to show your forms.
    MultiLingual Settings in Microsoft Forms

Note: The default displayed language for your form to the End-user will mainly depend on the current browser language, not the Primary language that you have set!
Ex: If you set the Primary language to Arabic, and the Additional Language to English, in this case, if you are using the English language as the default browser language, the Form will be displayed in English by default, not in Arabic! However, you can force the default displayed language for your form by using the language code identifier parameter (Discussed later in this answer)!

How to display Microsoft Forms in Multiple Languages?

As we earlier mentioned, you can set the Primary language to your form (The default language of your content ), and then add up to 11 additional languages as you prefer and based on your requirements!

To configure multilingual in Microsoft Forms, you have to do the following:

  1. Click on the 3 dots eclipse ..., then click on MultiLingual.
    Missing multilingual settings in Microsoft forms
  2. Set the Primary Language and the Additional language as you need.
    MultiLingual Settings in Microsoft Forms
  3. In Additional language, click on the Pencil Edit option to set your content with the selected language.
  4. Click on the title and other questions to provide the translation text based on the selected language.
    set multiple languages in Microsoft Forms
  5. In this case, the default displayed language will be shown based on the current browser language even if you have set the Primary language to another language, and the end-user will be able to switch to another language as he/she prefers as shown below:
    Switch languages in Microsoft Forms

How to show an Arabic From content from Right to Left by default in Microsoft Forms?

In Microsoft Forms, the default displayed language is mainly depends on the default browser language, so if you want to create an Arabic Form and you need to display your Form in Arabic from Right to Left by default, regardless of the browser language and without the need to switch to the Arabic language manually, you have to add a parameter with a specific language code identifier at the end of the URL by doing the following:


  1. Once you fill your questions in Arabic, Click on Send or Share button to share your form with your audiences.
  2. In Send options, make sure that the Shorten URL is UNCHECKED, then click Copy to copy the full URL.
    Show Microsoft Form from Right to Left
  3. Paste the copied URL and add &lang=Ar parameter at the end of the URL as shown below


  4. The Microsoft Forms content should be shown now from Right to Left as shown below
    can't show Microsoft Form in arabic
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