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Salesforce Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam is one of the most overlooked exams among other exams, as it strengthens the administrative foundations of Salesforce. To Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam, you need to have Salesforce Certification for Administrator.

Ideal Candidate for Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam

As promising as it may seem for everybody, Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam Certification is best-suited for any Salesforce Professional including Admins, Consultants, Architects, and also Developers. A candidate’s success chances are always towering when he has at least one or more than one year of experience directing in a Salesforce organization.

Syllabus for Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam

Salesforce Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam covers vast knowledge about Salesforce Administration. Hence, Syllabus and Key topics should be thoroughly read before starting your preparation and a brief study strategy should be organized before you start studying for the exam.

The syllabus is divided into 10 brief sections. Each section covers various aspects of the syllabus. Each section carries a different weightage in the exam. You can have the basic syllabus you need on the official website of Salesforce.

Key points

The syllabus is divided into 10 brief sections with each section covering various aspects of the syllabus. Each section carries a different weightage in the exam. It is important to strengthen your preparation of each section according to its weightage. Some concepts cover a huge area of the syllabus and so they carry more weightage in the exam relative to other concepts. All 10 concepts are listed below with their weightage for you to have a broader view of the exam preparation:

  1. Security and Access:                                                                                         20%
  2. Extending Custom Objects and Applications:                                         8%
  3. Auditing and Monitoring:                                                                              6%
  4. Sales Cloud Applications:                                                                             10%
  5. Service Cloud Applications:                                                                         10%
  6. Data Management:                                                                                         10%
  7. Content Management:                                                                                3%
  8. Change Management:                                                                                 10%
  9. Analytics, Reports, and Dashboards:                                                        10%
  10. Process Automation:                                                                                13%

Study Strategy for Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam

You should break down the key topics and focus on one topic at a time. Pick up the topics with more weightage first and then move on to the lighter topics. It is very beneficial you complete any associated Trailhead Modules and suggested Super badges before preparing for Salesforce Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam. Remember Advanced Administrator Exam is a step-up from the Salesforce Administrator exam; be mentally prepared to answer questions about advanced admin capabilities and functionalities.

Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Practice Test

You should complete your preparation at least two weeks before the Salesforce CRT-211 exam. These two weeks you should focus on practicing and revising every topic thoroughly. You should inspect the weak points in your preparation to strengthen your preparation.

 Practice tests are a great way to examine your preparation. Practice tests have various advantages against the exam. You can assess your preparation with the Salesforce CRT-211 practice test moreover it can give you a much better understanding of how the actual exam is going to be. You will have much higher confidence in your preparation and won’t panic while tackling the quirks of the exam.

Exam Overview

The Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam will be 1 hour and 45 minutes long. In the given time, you will have to solve 60 questions. The passing score for the CRT-211 Exam is 65%. If you can score up to 75% on the Salesforce CRT-211 practice test, there are more chances that you will be able to pass your CRT-211 Exam easily.

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