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learn teraform in zaureTerraform for Azure

  • Do you know how to install and configure Terraform on Azure pipeline on the flay?
  • Do you know how to configure Terraform on Azure pipeline on the flay to work with Azure cloud?
  • Do you know how to run Terraform configuration file (.tf) from Azure DevOps pipeline to create Terraform execution plan?
  • Do you know how to build and structure your IaC (Infrastructure as Code) using Terraform configuration file (.tf) to automatically provision your environment on Azure?
  • Do you know how to transform Terraform execution plan into an actual environment on Azure and store the state on a remote location on Azure storage account?


Deploying Infrastructure Automatically To The Cloud Using Terraform and Azure Pipelines

This video helps you to learn 

  • How to use Terraform and Azure Pipelines to automatically deploy infrastructure to the cloud?
  • How to execute Terraform configuration on the pipelines?
  • What is the Terraform configuration file?
  • How Terraform compile the configuration file into an execution plan to achieve the desired state of the target infrastructure?
  • How to install Terraform on the pipeline agent?
  • How to create a web app and deploy that to the cloud?

Start watching a complete tutorial for automating and provisioning infrastructure on the cloud using Terraform and pipelines.


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