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Do you know what is different between Azure Pipeline Organization Agent Pool and Project Agent Pool? Do you know when the best situation to use Azure Pipeline Microsoft hosted agents vs. self-host agent?

azure-pipelines by mohamed radwan

In fact, I have seen many people are confused to understand the model of how Azure Pipelines, its structure and how it works. 
By deeply understanding the different and when and how to use every type, you can choose the best agent type for your project.

You must understand what is the difference between Organization Agent Pool and Project Agent Pool, what is the relationship between them and what are the roles and permissions associated with each one, and many others.

Azure Pipelines hosted agent is perfect for some situations and it’s not suitable for others.

In the following video, I will walk you through all the different and even more to make sure it clears any assumption or confusion you have, I will deeply explain and demonstrate all options and configurations. 

Learn How to Install and Configure Azure Pipelines

In this video, you will learn

  • How to configure Azure Pipelines organization agent pool and project agent pool.
  • How to install Azure Pipelines agent and how to configure Azure Pipelines as a service and as a process or interactive which required so Azure Pipelines can run automated UI testing.
  • Azure Pipelines' roles and permission and how to delegate Azure Pipelines organization pool admin to a project administrator without giving Azure DevOps organization administrator.
  • How to assign users to Azure Pipelines organization pool Administrator role as well as the Service Account role.
  • What is the difference between Azure Pipelines hosted agent vs. Azure Pipelines self-hosted agent or private agent?
  • When to use Azure Pipelines hosted agent and when to use Azure Pipelines self-hosted agent as well when not to use them.
  • How to create an Azure Pipelines project pool that automatically creates an Azure Pipelines organization pool.
  • The relation between Azure DevOps projects and Azure Pipelines organization pools and Azure DevOps project agent pool.
  • How to install multiple Azure Pipelines agents on the same machine, you will also learn how to remove or uninstall Azure Pipelines agents.


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