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We have added a policy in APIM for client certificate validation, which was working fine. But recently it started failing with error  

“Invalid client certificate”

We noticed that if we remove context.Request.Certificate.Verify()  it starts working again! 

What might be the cause?

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"Invalid client certificate" in Azure API Management?

The Invalid client certificate is the request result for 403 Forbidden status code that raised

  • After Timing out happened due to handling a large PUT/POST Request (Content length > 60KB )
  • context.Request.Certificate is null.

How to solve the "Invalid client certificate" issue?

To overcome this issue, try to do the following:

  • On the "Custom domains", check the "Negotiate client certificate".

"Invalid client certificate" issue in Azure API Management

Note: To disable checking certificate revocation list use context.Request.Certificate.VerifyNoRevocation() instead of context.Request.Certificate.Verify().

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