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I have a peculiar problem with the Code Spell Checker (V2.2.7) extension for Visual Studio (V1.64.2), which I have been successfully using for a number of months now.

Seemingly, all of the sudden, the spell checker has stopped working, i.e. none of the misspelled words are being marked as unknown words.

At the same time, in the lower-right corner of the VS window there is a Spell configuration icon, which when hovered over with the cursor, shows the following message:

"Issue: 0
 'digital_io.h' is NOT spell checked.
 The file is excluded by .gitignore."

Where digital_io.h is a C header file I am trying to spellcheck.

I never intentionally changed any .gitignore file.  Can you provide a hint on how to get the spell checker to work again, please?

If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO!