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Q: How to create a query in SQL or PL/SQL for schedule process like daily, weekly, frothingly, monthly, yearly, quarterly?

When i will click a button of (Daily, Weekly, Frothingly, Monthly, Yearly, Quarterly) then tasks will be setup accordingly in calender for a year.

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In SQL Server Management Studio you can schedule jobs by using SQL Server Agent up to monthly.

1. first you need to run SQL Server Agent in (Start -> Search -> Services ) find SQL ServerAgent and start it. when you click start the Status will be Running.

2. open SSMS in Object Explorer click SQL Server Agent and right-click on jobs --> New job

3. in General write the name of the job and go to steps

4. in Steps click on New

5. select the database you want and write the query command then click Parse to check if the command runs successfully. then click OK.

6. in Schedules click New.

7. make sure the schedule type is Recurring in the Frequency section choose the setting you want. In Description, you will see how your schedule job will runs

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Lots of thanks for this answer. But I  am working oracle apex i needed a PL/SQL process  for schedule work . Which  weekly works will  insert as weekly basis, monthly works will  insert as monthly basis, yearly works will  insert as monthly basis accordingly . Whole process will set for one year.
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