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Crowdsourced testing is an emerging trend in the field of software testing. It is an approach which involves different people with different backgrounds across the globe in testing process. The testers need not be mandatorily from testing field or with an IT background, but having a basic knowledge of using a computer and access to the internet is sufficient. The testers are connected through a crowdsourcing platform and tests are conducted by multiple individuals at different locations.

  • It adds multiple dimensions to manual testing process by providing a diverse and temporary workforce, thus aiding the organizations with limited testing bandwidth in achieving  quick results.
  • It is natural to assume that crowdsourcing is similar to manual testing and sometimes deemed as an extension of manual testing, but they have certain fundamental differences.

Crowdsourced Testing Vs Manual Testing

  Crowdsourced Testing Manual Testing
Execution Speed Fast Slow
Scalability High Less
Device Coverage High Limited
Localization testing High Limited
Varied End user testing High Limited
Quality of Testing Medium High
Quality of Exploratory Testing Low High
Test Brittleness Low ( breaks easily) High
People Management Low High
Cost Less High
Test Case Content Very detailed To the point
Communication between testers Very limited High
Confidentiality issues Yes No
Fraud Tracking Thorough audits Moderate audits



Crowdsourced testing is not a replacement for in house testing. It accentuates the quality of testing by providing additional dimensions to the whole process. Crowdsourcing offers different values as compared to manual and automation testing. Combining all three forms of execution offers a higher quality, faster overall execution time and the highest quality of defects. However, it comes with some challenges and for better understanding of how Webomates handles them, read “Overcoming the challenges of crowdsourced testing” on our website.

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