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I just wanted to share this news with you that a new out-of-the-box security role: Service Deleter, has been added to the other security roles in the Power Platform Admin center. 

  • Users with this role have permission to delete records in all entities, including custom entities.
  • Also, this role will allow users to delete custom entities. 
  • Also, this security role is read-only, and you can't edit it, and for it to work, a user must have read access first.


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Welcome to our debug.to community, could you please add more details about this new announcement, it would be also great to add the ref for the official announcement and documentations link, Thanks in advance!
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Actually, I tried to find any documentation about this role and I was out of luck. So I posted a question about it in the PowerApps community forum and I got an answer from a SuperUser over there >> https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Dataverse/Service-Deleter-New-Security-role-for-Power-Platform-Environment/m-p/1498292#M18368.  

I have also tested this role myself in multiple environments including in the developer plan environment as well as in my organization's tenant. I am attending the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event on April 6th, and this point on my list to ask about.
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Thanks @asalih for sharing this info

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