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In Microsoft Power Platform Admin Center, I have an environment called "Test" and I need to change the Power Apps environment name to another user-friendly name? Is it possible to change the default environment name in PowerApps? if Yes. Please tell me Where can I change the PowerApps Default Environment name?

how to change default environment name in power apps

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Can I edit the default environment name in Microsoft Power Platform Admin Center?

Yes, you can edit the default environment name in Microsoft Power Platform Admin Center. However, you should be aware of you can't edit the environment's properties for the below kind of environments:

  1. The environment that is being provisioned.
  2. The disabled environments, and you must first enable it to be able to edit it.

How to edit environment name in Power Apps?

  1. As Administrator, login to Power Platform admin center.
  2. Once you log in, the environment list will be shown.
  3. Click on the environment name that you would like to change.
    change powerapps environment name
  4. Again, click on the Edit button to edit the environment properties.
    edit powerapps environment name
  5. Set the environment name to a user-friendly name as you prefer, then click on Save.
    change powerapps environment URL and name
  6. Wait a moment until the environment properties edit is completed successfully.
    how to change powerapps environment URL and name
  7. Once the edit is done, the environment state should be now Ready as shown below.
    check the environment state in Power Apps

    Note: it may take up to 5 minutes for the friendly name to appear in the application.

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