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I';ve personalized a PowerApps form linked to a SharePoint list, incorporating different design formats and conditional rules. Now, I want to change the data source without losing these customizations. However, whenever I attempt to do so, it prompts me to replace the cards, resulting in the loss of all modifications. How can I achieve this data source switch without compromising my existing changes?

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How to Change PowerApps Form Data Source?

You have to cases to change PowerApps from Data Source:

Case1: If the new data source has the same name and type as the old one

  1. Remove the old connection and add the new connection to your new data source
  2. In the item property replace the old connection with a new one and discard replacing the cards.

Case2: If the new data source has different column names

  1. Remove the old connection from the data section in your app.
  2. Add your new connection to your new data source.
  3. Add the new data source to your form as a form Data Source.
  4. It will ask if you want to replace the cards select No Thanks.
  5. The additional step here is to replace the old DataSource name with a new one in all the form cards,
  6. But in this case, each card assigned has a different column name from the new data source. In this case, you have to solve each card data error for the new column that you want to map it to manually.

For more details Please check, How to change the Datasource for a Power Apps Form

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