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Most of the Canvas apps you'll create in Power Apps will require external data, which we refer to as Power Apps Data Source. An Excel file is an example of a connected data source that we can use as a data source in PowerApps.

How to use Excel file as a Data Source in PowerApps?

In Power Apps, each application can have as many data sources as it wants, and one of the popular data sources that you can use inside your app is Excel Data Source.

You can use an Excel file as a PowerApps Data source in two ways:

  1. Using the "OneDrive for Business" connection,
  2. Use the Excel file as static data on your app "Import from Excel" connection.

For more details, you can check this article  Use excel as Power Apps data source

Also, in the below videos, you will learn how to use Excel files as a Data Source in PowerApps step by step in Arabic and English.

Using Excel file as a Data Source in PowerApps [Arabic]

Using Excel file as a Data Source in PowerApps [English]

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