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I am trying to use Power Automate in Power BI but It seems there is a bug and the Power Automate visual is Blank and not loading in Power BI desktop!

Power Automate blank in Power BI

Any Idea How to get Power Automate work in Power BI Desktop?

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Solving: Power Automate visual not loading in Power BI

Power Automate Blank in Power BI is a known issue that you may face if you still using an old version from the Power BI Desktop version.
To fix Power Automate visual not loading in Power BI, you have to install/update to the latest Power BI Desktop version by doing the following:


  1. Save your work in Power BI Desktop.
  2. Close the Power BI desktop,
  3. Browse this https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/ to download the latest Power BI Desktop version.
  4. Click on the download button.
    update Power BI Desktop version latest update
  5. Once the Power BI Desktop is downloaded, Double-Click on the downloaded file to run.
  6. Open the Power BI Desktop, then try now to add a new Power Automate Visual.
    insert power automate in Power BI
  7. Great the Power AUtomate visual has been loaded and working as expected!
    power automate is not loaded in power bi
  8. Try now to edit the Power Automate Visual to create your flow and trigger it from Power BI!
    power automate is blank in power bi

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