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I am trying to create a new flow in Power Automate web site that post a message to a Microsoft Team channel (Sends a flow bot message to a specified user in Teams)

power automate format date time in email

In Power Automate email message body, I am trying to post a date field but it's not formated properly and the sent date from Power Automate is shown as 2022-03-23T21:00:00.000Z)

change date format in Power Automate

Any idea how can I format date time in Power Automate in email message body or microsoft team message

format date time in power automate

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How to format Date in Power Automate 'MM-dd-yyyy'?

To format the date in Power Automate, you have to use the formatDateTime() function that receives a date value and the desired format as below

formatDateTime('<your-value>', 'dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm tt')


  1. Select the input field where you want the formatted DateTime value.
  2. Go to the expression editor (go to Add dynamic content > select the Expression tab).
  3. Type formatDateTime() (or look under Date and time functions).
  4. Provide the value (can be dynamic content) to be formatted (surrounded by single quotes).
  5. Provide the format string (surrounded by single quotes).
  6. Select Ok.
    format Date in Power Automate


power automate format current date MM-dd-yyyy

In your case, you are using a loop for each item in your table in Power BI, so you have to define a variable outside the loop and initialize it with your field as mentioned at How to Format Date in Power Automate?

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