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I am using Report Builder to display KPI, progress, and Chart in the table,

When inserting the chart into the table I got an error 

unsupported Action
Cannot insert a multi-value item into a detail cell

How to solve this issue?

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Cannot insert a multi-value item into a detail cell

To solve this issue "Cannot insert a multi-value item into a detail cell", you should use a subreport first that holds a chart then add this sub-report into your table like the following:

  1. Create a sub-report with your chart as per your requirements
    insert chart
  2. In the main report make sure that you are connected to the server
    connect to report server
  3. In the main report select table and right click and insert a subreport
    add subreport
  4. Upload Chart.rdl to the server of the report server
  5. In the main report right click on subreport and click on subreport properties
    sub report properities
  6. From the General tab Click on Browse and select Chart.rdl and click ok
    sub report properities
  7. Click on parameters and click on add and chose the parameter and value and click ok
    select parameter
  8. Run the main report that should be now working!
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