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I want to access data from the parent site list to subsite list in sharepoint online?

I'm using SharePoint Designer but there is no option to connect both sites or access both lists on a single page. If I open in sharepoint designer it will open separately.

I want to access both lists on a single page, so I merge them both in the workflow which I use in the subsite list.

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Have you checked this article SharePoint 2016: Show a List From Parent Site In Sub Site https://spgeeks.devoworx.com/show-list-from-parent-site-in-sub-site-sharepoint-2016/
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yes i tried both way but
1. i don't want print list in web part i need list data only one column on subsite list workflow  in sharepoint designer.
2. In my sharepoint screen the content query option is not there it directly start from content search ??

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